Import Channels

We are able to distribute products all over Indonesia biggest market channels.

PT. Sabang Merauke Trading is now able to make imported products available in distribution channels such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets, fruit stores to mom-pop stores focusing mainly in Jawa, Sumatera, and Bali. 


We also have connection with Indonesia top E-commerce platforms.

E-commerce has been growing in Indonesia and each marketplace platform has its own characteristic of their customer. It is our job to make sure your product goes to the right marketplace distribution.

Why Us?

We have an extensive amount of sales channels and distribution networks all across Indonesia, all including retail outlets to e-commerce.

Our imported product ranges from groceries, healthy products, breakfast cereals, baby food, baking goods, beverages, instant coffee, milk and various other internationally-acclaimed products store in a storage area that spans to 20,000 sqmwith continuously mobile transportation that amounts to 12 vehicles

Retail Brand

Major Cities Warehouses

Distribution Channels


Planning to tap onto the highly prospective and beneficial Indonesian Market?

Feel free to contact us and we would love to know about your products.