Our Imported Products

With more than two decades of experience in this industry, we have successfully won recognition from our partners in USA, Australia, Singapore, Korea, China, and many more.

Bebenice Puffs Banana & Pumpkin

Bebenice Puffs Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato

Bebenice Puffs Kiwi & Cauliflower

Bebenice Puffs Pineapple & Carrot

Bebenice Puffs Strawberry & Sweet Potato

Binggrae Banana Milk Drink

Binggrae Lychee & Peach Milk Drink

Binggrae Melon Milk Drink

Binggrae Snack

Binggrae Snack Original

Binggrae Snack Wasabi

Binggrae Strawberry Milk Drink